Are you interested in eating and drinking or keen on feeling and find out about delicious food? Have you  enjoyed many dainty morsel s in the beloved S-lines country? Have you ever heard about the name of That Lat Fried Fish? This is one of special food  in the southwest of Vietnam and there are so many secrets about these dishes. You will be amazed!!  And here is the link for buying or finding information about That Lat Fried Fish That Lat Fried Fish is always fresh, delicious and food safety, that is the answer for why it has been chosen by whole housewife.

  1. What is the That Lat Fish?

That Lat is a kind of fresh water fish with long flat body, small tail and pretty big mouth. Back fin connected with tail fin. It has grey back and snow-white belly, the range under the bones around the gills is dark yellow. Growth That Lat Fish is 400 millimeters in length and 500 grams in weight

That Lat lives almost in Mekong River Delta, Dong Nai plain, Central coastal plain, etc. They have to come to the surface to breath. This makes files of That Lat thicker. The files taste special good and have little bones than other kind. That Lat is the good choice to make Fried Fish and become the special food of the southwest region in Vietnam

That Lat fried fish covers colorful eggs

That Lat fried fish is charming sweet, dissolves in greasy of pork fat have become the main ingredient in many good dishes like crispy That Lat fried fish, That Lat fried fish in green rice flakes, That Lat fried fish with stir vegetables, etc. If you have a chance to enjoy this fried fish, its flavor will never out of your mind.


  • That Lat fried fish with Vietnamese soft noodles
  • That Lat fried fish in green rice flakes
  • That Lat fried fish with stir vegetables
  • That Lat fried fish covers colorful eggs
  • Sour soup with That Lat fried fish

Sour soup with That Lat fried fish

  1. Where is the best choice to buy That Lat fried fish?

Dishes made from That Lat fried fish get high nutritional value, good for blood flowing. We can use it to make many delicious and healthy dishes for our family or present like a gift for our housewife friend

That Lat fried fish made at home is of course fresher, more safety however it takes plenty of time to complete a perfect fried fish. We have to buy fresh That Lat fish, wash, cut, take out the bones, mill, add spice, etc. These are a huge complex process, therefore, buying available That Lat fried fish is always a good choice for busy housewife. But this is leading another problem, food safety.


Here is a tip for you to buy safety That Lat fried fish like other many kind of food and drink:  buying at prestige and qualified stores. And the question is where the prestige and qualified store is.


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