I heard that Da Nang was an attractive destination so I decided to have a trip to Da Nang next time. I booked tour on website Tour In Da Nang to save a lot of time.  There are many kinds of the tour on link https://tourindanangbestprice.com/tours/da-nang-tour-56.html and I chose the tour with 2 days 3 night to explore lots of beautiful places in Da Nang. I heard that one of a great time for you visit Da Nang is the rainy season. I found out some things about time, clothes…So I also want to share that things for all of you.

The time when starting rainy season

Rainy season always starts from August to January next year. Coming to Da Nang in rainy season is the great choice which suitable for people like exploring.

Some things that need when you travel

You should prepare lots of things when you travel to Da Nang in rainy season such as: backpack, raincoat, rain shoes…You should choose a backpack with waterproof material and there are small compartments for other items inside. The bracelet is also tender and airy. When it rains you can pull the raincoat under the backpack to cover it. If you bring your clothes you should wrap your clothes in plastic bags. Traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season, the items you are not allowed to forget are raincoats and umbrellas. If it is shower you should prepare an umbrella for your journey.

Some things which you need when you come to Da Nang in the rainy season

You should choose reliable and tidy umbrellas. When it rains heavily, the raincoat is working now, raincoats can cover the things you carry. If the rain is not too heavy you can wear a thin raincoat and use umbrellas. I think umbrellas also is the item which helps you have impression photos and you can update them on Facebook every day. If it is heavy rain and strong wind, you should have a raincoat which is good waterproof material. You should also bring plastic footwear to move in the rain.  Note the type of plastic footwear must have a high anti-slip. Let’s prepare a small dryer to easily dry your clothes when they are wet. When it rains for a long time, there are lots of mosquitoes and insects that affect to your health. So you should bring fly- spray with small size.

Transportation that you use during the rainy season

If you travel with your family you should travel by coach or taxi and bus, because it is safe for all of you. When you travel by bus or car you tend to bring lots of things which you need. You can buy something such as: clothes, shoes, gifts…for your friends, your family without worry limit. If you have a car you should use it to travel. Because it makes you feel comfortable than you use bus, taxi, train or plane. If you are alone and have good health you can choose pedicab to sightsee. You can rent a motorbike or bicycle to tour around the city. Maybe you will have interesting things when you come to Da Nang city in the rainy day.

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Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj4tKHEu6Jk