The common types of cellular blinds are those which are mounted horizontally. When the vertically hung types of window cellular blinds are considered, other than the novelty of the difference in appearance, the particular style does have its strong points. So much so that a lot of folks do prefer the vertical sectioned cellular curtains to the more traditional horizontal ones.

There are indeed some strong points to using the vertical cellular shades, and some uses of the shades would need to pay heed to a particular aspect.  This would, in turn, make the vertical styles the most suited ones to use. Just like the usual types of window blinds, the vertical styles too do have its share of variations and combinations. In fact, it is easier to motorize the working of the vertically fitted out blinds as compared to the horizontal types.


Why Pick Out The Vertical Cellular Shades


Choosing the material for the vertical cellular blinds

For all practical purposes, there is not much of a difference in the material used to construct the vertical cellular blinds or otherwise as compared to the normally attached window shades. Just like the standard construction of the cellular blinds, it is possible to incorporate the different thickness of honeycombs within the fabric envelope to provide just the right amount of insulation.

The key to the effectiveness of the cellular blinds is the air pockets that are created within the layers of fabric. With the vertical styled cellular shades, there is really no difference in this aspect at any time. It is still possible to vary the thickness of the celled layer of cloth as with the regular cellular blinds. And constructionally there is no difference between the horizontal mounted and vertical mounted versions of the cellular shades.

The matter of cleaning out the shades

From the description provided of the vertical mounted cellular shades, it would be evident that the sections of the honeycomb sections are much narrower in the blinds.  That is, the whole window space is done with more number of thinner sections that the horizontal mounted cellular shades. This sort of an approach makes it easier to clean out the window blinds much easier. With the lighter parts in place, it is easier to handle the less weight and the smaller pieces individually.

Often an overriding factor in maintaining the cellular shades is the need to undertake periodic maintenance. The construction of the vertically mounted cellular shades introduces a comfort factor which is not entirely present in the more traditional horizontal mounted honeycomb structured window blinds.


Considering the construction part of the vertical cellular shades, there is no difference to the layout. But the smaller sections that would typically make up the vertical styled window blinds as compared to the horizontal ones would make the vertically mounted option easier to execute. There is lesser physical handling of the sections with the vertical cellular shades.