When it comes to physical fitness, you need a solution that will enable you to stay fit and healthy in the most efficient way. The option should allow for versatility while giving you an opportunity to monitor your progress. That is where indoor cycling bikes come in. These are incredible devices that have been designed to guarantee you the best outcome. Moreover, rather than going to the gym, you can use them in the comfort of your own home, hence saving time and money.

Best Indoor Cycling Bikes

How to Choose the Best Indoor Cycling Bike

With so many brands on the market, choosing the best indoor cycling bike can be challenging. However, there are various critical factors to consider before purchasing a cycling bike. For instance, efficiency is a factor that you cannot ignore. The bike should be designed in a manner that allows you to burn calories in an effective way. The best bike should also allow you to monitor your progress; whether it is the time taken, distance covered, your speed or the calories burnt during the exercise. It must be stable and comfortable hence making your experience safe and enjoyable. Moreover, it should be adjustable so as to accommodate people of different heights.A Look at the Reviews

It is common for top quality indoor cycling bikes to be bestsellers on platforms such as Amazon. Moreover, these sites allow customers to give reviews and rate the products based on their personal experiences. From these, you can gauge and determine the type of product that will suit your needs. Below are the top 7 best indoor cycling bikes as per the 2016 reviews.

Xspec Pro-Stationary Upright Exercise Bike; the Cardio Indoor Cycling Bicycle

This Xspec pro-stationary upright cardio indoor cycling bike is a simple yet elegant bike, featuring a heavy-duty aluminum frame that can carry up to 250lbs of weight. It also has an adjustable seat, which can be adjusted to perfectly suit your height. Its classy design includes an LCD display, which gives you feedback as you exercise. For instance, you can see the calories you have burned, the distance covered, your track speed and the time taken. This marvelous bike is loved because of its performance, quality as well as appearance.

The Spinner Fit Authentic Indoor Cycle, by Mad Dogg

This is one of the best indoor cycling bikes in terms of design. Besides the exclusive look, the bike is also made of top quality materials, which make it sturdy and durable. Moreover, its handlebars are spanned with a patented loop, which is non-slippery and comfortable when holding. Note that its saddle can be adjusted horizontally or vertically to suit your needs. The model normally comes with elaborate spinning DVDs, a comprehensive guide and an 8-week spinning weight loss program. You do not need to worry about malfunctioned parts as it has a one year warranty on its parts.

Stamina CPS-9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer

This unique indoor cycling bike has a 40-pound flywheel, with a belt drive mechanism, which ensures quiet and smooth operation. Its seat can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally to accommodate different heights. In the same way, the handlebars can also be adjusted to suit your preferences. Moreover, the ride’s tension can be dialed to match your stamina. While exercising, you can check your progress by viewing the feedback on the LCD-display. From here, you can see the distance covered, the calories burnt, your speed as well as the track time.

Sunny SF B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

This is a good quality yet affordable bike that offers everything you would want in an ideal indoor cycling bike. Its handlebars and seat can easily be adjusted to fit people of different sizes. The bike’s chain drive mechanism, with a 30-pound flywheel, is well equipped for a real time experience and quiet operation. The bike can support a weight of up to 220 pounds. You simply need to select the resistance that suits your stamina and start exercising.3. Best Fitness BF-SB5 Chain-Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

This exclusive chain-drive indoor cycling bike offers a smooth ride as well as a stylish design. For a sturdy operation, it is equipped with a 40-pound flywheel and an efficient braking system, which enables you to pause your ride whenever you want. Moreover, the bike is designed with an adjustable handlebar and seat to accommodate different users. Its chain drive system is meant to provide you with a more realistic outdoor cycling experience. The bike normally comes with a 5-year frame warranty, a one year warranty on its parts, a three-month wear warranty and 90 days of labor.

Sole Fitness SB-700 Exercise Bike

This is another interesting bike with exceptional features. Its unique design includes a 48-pound flywheel with a knob-turn adjustable resistance. Its LCD console normally indicates the time was taken, rotations per minute, Kcal, the distance covered and the speed. This special feature allows you to monitor the feedback as you work out. It also has provision for a wireless chest-strap for monitoring your heart rate. Like most bikes, its handlebars and seat can be adjusted to accommodate people of different sizes. The bike normally comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame, a 3-year warranty for the electric parts and a one-year labor warranty.

Sunny Health and Fitness Belt-Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Going by the 2016 reviews, this is the best indoor cycling bike. With premium quality and an affordable price, the bike offers everything you would need for your exercises. For instance, its handlebar and seat can easily be adjusted to fit people of different heights. The 49lbs flywheel and the body that is made of high-quality steel, are meant to provide a smooth and sturdy ride. Furthermore, the bike uses the belt-drive mechanism, which ensures quiet operation. It is designed with an adjustable resistance, a feature that makes it ideal for different kinds of athletes; whether novice or advanced users.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that an indoor cycling bike will guarantee you an excellent work out experience. It is an amazing way to greatly improve your health as well as fitness levels. In fact, you can significantly reduce the need for an instructor by simply watching the DVDs that come with it and following the provided guidelines. However, to get the best outcome, you need an efficient, adjustable and comfortable bike that offers different levels of resistance. The above reviews can help you to choose the best indoor cycling bike, one that will suit your needs.