A condo or what you usually call condominium is a type of real estate, which has several owned units, surrounded by common and accessible areas of the city. The most common type of condo are the residential condominiums. This type of condo unit is the same as an apartment building which consists of different owned rooms and units.

If you want to live in a condo, there are various types of rooms that you can choose from. For your information, below are the most common types of condo units that you can choose from.

Studio Type Condo Unit

A studio-type condo unit is the most common room in any condominium. This unit is the most affordable among the other types of room. The layout of a studio-type is simple. The entire space of the room can serve as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

It has the smallest floor size compared to the other units, making this room the most affordable one. If you’re living in a studio type condominium, the most useful advice for you is to consider using multifunctional types of furniture such as folding beds, chairs and tables to make your area more spacious.

One to Three Bedroom Unit

A one-bedroom to a three-bedroom condo unit is suitable for couples and families as this type of unit is big enough to cater to a group of people. A typical three-bedroom unit usually has two bathrooms and a hallway that leads to the bedrooms.

This type of unit may be a little expensive because of the size of the area, and it also may vary on the floor area. Condominium units usually get costly the higher the floor. Be vigilant as some owners typically claim studio types to be one of the bedroom units.

Loft Unit

A loft bedroom unit can have various styles depending on the architectural design of the area.  This unusual design is usually in condominium buildings with high ceilings. A loft room is suitable for people who love an airy and spacious area.

The usual owners of these types of units are business entrepreneurs. However, a loft unit is not ideal for a family with small children, elderly, and people who have mobility problems.

Bi-Level Condo Unit

Bi-level condo units are quite similar to the loft types with a layout of a two-story house. The only difference they have is that just like a two-story house, a bi-level unit doesn’t have the feature of an open second floor which can overlook the living area.

This style is like a house. The lower level has the bathroom, living room, and the kitchen while on the upper level there are the bedrooms.


A penthouse unit is a unit on the highest floor of the condominium. It has the largest area among all the types of condo units. A penthouse is a luxurious type of room where the owner is usually the owner of the condominium itself.

This unit is the most expensive out of the other types of condo units. It offers the most exclusive amenities that a condo can provide and the management usually allows the owner of the penthouse to customize its layout as they don’t have any adjacent units.


Choosing the ideal type of unit is easy. The only thing you have to keep in mind is your comfortability and accessibility. If you want to find the right condominium according to your taste, you can visit websites such as https://precondo.ca. This website can help you locate the ideal place for you to stay.

Always keep in mind that after choosing the location of your condo, it’s also essential to identify the type of unit you want to purchase for your comfortability.