Home is where you can feel the most comfort as well as experience the most happiness during your whole life. Especially your bedroom, this is considered as one of the most important parts of your home. As a result, you should try your best to create the dreamiest sleeping place for yourself. By doing this, you can have the most relaxing and comfortable sleep forever even when your house is quite small. However, if you are getting stuck with how to arrange the space, I am going to give you some bedroom storage ideas for small home immediately.

Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Home

Avoid using the stick and bulky hangers

Avoid using the stick and bulky hangers

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First of all, you should try to eliminate most of the stick and bulky hangers. And then, replace them with the smooth fabric ones. This will not only make your storage look better but it also saves you a lot of space for your clothes.

Raise your bed on the bed risers

The second tip is to raise your bed or the sleeper sofa on the risers. The benefits are that you can adjust the different heights according to your preference. Moreover, they are very sturdy and stable when you lie down.

On top of that, the best thing about lifting your bed is that you can create a crumb of under-bed storage. By this way, you can have the great real estate for hiding things that you do not use them very often such as the seasonal clothing.

Buy a wardrobe system

Buy a wardrobe system

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Going to the next one, you should think about the wardrobe system in your small bedroom. It is actually not very expensive, but it will give you so much more flexibility as well as create the organized storage for your closet.

Furthermore, you can choose the unique organization options for your items. For instance, you can arrange your jewelry in sections. The other one is the pant hanger since hanging your pants next to your shorts or your skirts will get bulky.

As a result, if you have a separate section for them, you are able to section it out. And of course, it will really maximize the space and easy for you to look for anything in the morning.

Also, with your hanging clothes, make sure that you get the colors coordinate. By this way, it is really easy to define your mood by picking a clothing item right out of that section. Besides, it will help you to identify what you have in your closet in a simple way.

Make use of the mini hangers

Make use of the mini hangers

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Moving to another tip, you need to purchase the mini hangers to organize your sunglasses. In addition, you can use them to organize your jeans because their size will fit your jeans perfectly. And well, your jeans will not move around. I also find out that these small items can work great with the maxi skirts.

Clear the wall and choose light colors

Clear the wall and choose light colors

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Having a lot of pictures and posters all over your room can often make it become a little smaller. Moreover, having the light-colored wall is going to make your room feel more open and airy. However, it is not a possible solution to repaint your wall.

So, in case you have a dark wall, and you want your room to be a bit more open, it is a great idea to get a big tapestry. With no doubt, it will give you the same effect as repainting them.

Get rid of the clutters

Clutters is the worst thing to have in a small room as it just makes every space look smaller than it already is. Hence, remember to take out some of the things that you do not really need. After doing this, you can make your shelves, your nightstands, together with your dressers look a lot cleaner. You can read more about it here: https://www.rd.com/home/cleaning-organizing/top-10-simple-ways-to-stop-bedroom-clutter/

Use the drawer organizers

Have you ever heard about the drawer organizers?

They are great for helping organize your clothes when putting into the drawers. You can separate your clothes based on the types so that you will not be confused whenever going out. But if you do not have these items, you can actually make ones for yourself by using the shoe boxes.


In summary, I wish that all of my sharing in this article will definitely help you identify the best bedroom storage ideas for the small home. For now, you will no longer feel tired and will get the perfect resting place after working hours. Nevertheless, in case you have any better ideas, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.