A kid needs more sleep than the adult counterparts at the household. These kids are generally feebler than a matured person. Their energy level is also low. Thus, it is suggested to provide a kid to have as much rest as possible to let them have a proper growth and proper nourishment and nurture. Ample sleep will help a child to grow in the desired fashion. Improve for your kids with mattress at https://www.communitycounts.us/signature-sleep-vs-zinus-vs-tuft-needle-vs-lucid/

Reasons for Kids have more sleep

It is doubtless to say that sleeping is equally important to food, drink and safety in the life of a child. But it also required mentioning that may of the parents do not allow their children to have ample critical sleep. But, this is needed for their proper development and functioning.Reasons for Kids have more sleep

The parents working for long hours outside, schedules packed with school – going and return, after-school activities and lifestyle activities has curtailed a detailed aspect of naps from the life of a child. Often the bedtime is pushed back while morning starts earlier. Nights are everything but peaceful. Missing naps or going to bed a little late may not seem like a big deal, but it is. It all adds up, with consequences that may last a lifetime.

  • Any little body will need slumber to grow and stay healthy. The muscles and heart repair themselves while the child enjoys a sound and quality nap
  • The brain stores memories from the day when the child is asleep. The child thus able to recall them later. This is also a key part of learning too
  • Proper nap makes a child ready to pay attention to study. It is also required to be attentive at classes in school. Mistakes are also lessened when a child is allowed to have a proper nap.
  • A child will need more hours for sleep. According to experts, it may run between 11 to 14 hours a day at the initial years. A 5 year old will need snooze between 11 to 13 hours. For a child at between 6-13 years age, the sleeping stands at 9 to 11 hours. Teens must sleep for 8 hours at least.
  • The toddler gets get most of these 13 hours after the sun goes down, or she may get 8 after dark and make up the rest with naps. It is also observed that most kids stop their daytime napping by the age of 5. When they take it, it must be that the child is in need of an earlier bedtime. When teens are taking afternoon siesta, it is a sure indication that h/she is not allowed to sleep properly at night
  • The mattress used for a child plays very vital role in giving him/her the proper sleep. The mattress must be purchased and provided after a thorough consultation with the experts to ensure that the kid gets an appropriate and comfy sleep at night.
  • Kid also may require motivating for going to bed. It must include formalities like having soothing bath and teeth brushing. Enjoyable wind-down activities like reading by dim light or making a soothing atmosphere at sleeping place may encourage a child to go for sleeping activity.

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Leesa vs Purple Mattress Comparison

This entire reporting is all about giving some conceptions about two well-known mattresses – Purple and Leesa. Both of these mattresses have their own features and they serve the users with their own policies. This comparison has tried to put light on those features that are most invincible and liked by the people in general.

Leesa Vs Purple Mattress


Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

The designer of this mattress can take a pride about their designing and ability to imbibe special features. This product can serve the purpose of both firm and soft mattress going with the desire of the user. The ability to use these both features in one cell has imparted with the quality of enjoying fantastic spinal alignment for these mattresses. The averaging between soft, hard and shiver averaging is also not needed. Ability to provide sleeping in neutral temperature, this mattress ensures a quality sound sleep. The product is extremely enjoyable for the medium firm feel and polymer web design. The beautiful crafting also spares an extra in bedroom decoration. Persons with exceptional shape and weight also find comfort while using this mattress. These products are ideal for back and side sleepers.


  1. The product shares the emotions of “Go Green” and provides Eco-friendly materials for the manufacturing.
  2. No toxic material is observed during sorted out.
  3. The Smart Grid Design offered by Purple imparts unique edge support for all sleepers.
  4. The price of this product is worth mentioning. Product of this quality at this meager rate – amazing!
  5. The product enjoys a 30-days guarantee from Amazon and 10 year confidence warranty from Purple


  1. It is complained that the edge support can’t resist the effect of oversized users
  2. No Full and Twin sizes are available – only in rest four sizes
  3. Inhabitants from Alaska and Hawaii are to pay extra shipping cost for use of the product.

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Leesa Mattress, Queen, Supportive Multi-Layer Design

This product is crafted with solemn expertise in order to create a luxurious feeling. The looks were also maintained in a way that should appeal to any composition. This Leesa Mattress has been designed with diligence. This is designed with three premium foams so as to provide adequate cooling, comfort, support and relief in pressure in all pressure joints. These layers of high quality foam are known to deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support thus ensuring sound and amazing sleep for nights.

All the above features have made this product as premier among the top-rated Direct-to-consumer mattresses. The product will become a showpiece in use. The designer has a pre-thought before designing this product. The product was initiated to have sold at a price which is around 35% of the other leading memory foam products. This product is marketed with a trial offer of 100 nights and the customer decides whether to keep or refund the product.


  1. These products are chosen for its untold capacity to provide best materials at most economical prices.
  2. This is an excellent choice for users who prefer an average firmness and plenty of comfort layers.
  3. The top layers are breed with foam layers prevents heat trap thus allowing the mattress be cool while sleeping
  4. The foam thus provided is one of the out-of-range one. The poly-foam layer creates extra bounce. Such bounces helps in quick conformation with the body.
  5. The support and contour makes it ideal for comfortable sleep against the nourishing features of the foam.
  6. The customer service is among the best ones in the country
  7. The product is offered with a free 100 day trial.
  8. Leesa is best mattress, review by Mattress1000


  1. The product is available in one model only. Therefore, it is unduly resisted for options of more or less firmness that you can look for.
  2. This product, though can be rotted, but can’t be flipped. This cause an issue when the sleeping partners differ greatly in weight
  3. Being a new product, no stipulated Warranty is available for this product
  4. There are complaints against inadequate edge support.


From the preview of the mattresses of SideSleep, it appears that Purple Queen mattress is ahead of these two. These mattresses are able to provide desired level of firmness and soft attitude whenever desired. Being submitted with the property of medium firmness, these mattresses can provide adequate spinal alignment support. The edge support is adequate for providing with sound and quality sleep. They are quickly contouring to body shape and thus enable to provide support in all pressure joints.

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