A lot of living room with limited space revolves around misleading the eye into making the place seem more hefty and roomy. Such maneuver can effectively change an area that feels narrow and restricted to something that seems pleasantly warm and cozy.

Decorate your small living room in a manner that improves the light and space together. It is important to pay attention to how you are going to use color and weight. This approach can certainly create a massive difference.

Once in a while, traditional themes about living room decor are not the ideal key for a limited space. Rather than using blinds for window schemes, it is a lot better to use flowing curtains because they draw attention to the vertical aspect which generates an expansive appearance of the small living room.

Your living room must be capable of operating as a room for recreation and relaxation. As such, here are some great ways to help make your living room appear wider and capacious.

Embellish with Mirrors

Designers usually set the mirrors in small areas to make the room appear and seem bigger. One of the typical small living room designs is to place a big mirror in the center to establish a focal point.

To help reflect light and promote a better room atmosphere, try putting a mirror at the back of a light source like a pendant lamp or candles. If feasible, place a mirror across your window to help reflect the view as well as to cast the trick of having another window.

Entice the Attention Upward

All rooms have both vertical and horizontal feature. If your family room possesses a high ceiling, try to take advantage of the extra space by enhancing it in a manner that draws the attention of your guests. Applying long curtains is a clever way to attain this purpose.

Another method to emphasize the upward feature of your living room is by filling the vertical space using a menagerie of small to a midsize picture.

This course will contribute to making your room seem spacious and expansive than its normal size. It will also help draw the attention to glance off beyond the horizontal space that makes the room feel limited.

Choose a Small-scale Furniture

A range of small living room highlights would not be precise without the help of furniture that will not overpower or seem to overwhelm the limited area of the room. Instead of buying a sofa with big arms and two cushions, opt for a couch with small arms and an upholstered back to save space.

If the area is compressed, you can still enhance it without putting a couch. You can go for a loveseat, or you can simply place chairs around an elegant coffee table.

When deciding what chairs to choose, it is best to go for armless chairs because they merely consume a tiny area in your living space in comparison to a chair fashioned with arms.

Do not Buy Weighty Looking Furniture

As you shop for furniture in excellent Deal Wiki Deals, it will be safer to mark its visual weight mainly if you only have a tiny space to put it. This approach applies to the standard weight of the object according to its color, size, and design.

It is ideal to buy furniture with light appearance, as the massive ones will plainly choke a space. Always choose lighter colors than the darker varieties and choose pieces with strong legs as you skip those types of furniture that seem boxy or squared.

End tables or glass coffee tables merely use very limited space than the wooden ones. ¬†Furthermore, any decorative accessories that don’t block views will always contribute to making a room look more roomy and open.

Use Calming Colors for a Little Living Room

Another bright approach is using white tones on floor, furniture, walls, and ceiling because a surface with light colors can help in extending the space by seemingly pushing the walls of the room.

Light colors can conveniently lighten a room by reflecting light. In addition to improving an area, a light palette also gives an instant beauty and generates a calming ambiance.


Having a small living room is certainly a challenge that you cannot escape. But, you can always something do about it.

By applying the practical schemes above, you can now make your living space more spacious and roomy which is a lot better than having a big and cluttered living room.