Memory foam mattresses have become a popular mattress, especially over the past several years, you can look for the best mattress with Community Counts. Many people are looking for an alternative to the traditional mattress and box springs which can be uncomfortable and leave you tired the next morning. Tossing and turning, searching for a comfortable position robs you of the sleep you need and makes your body ache.

Serta Vs Sealy vs Simmons vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress – Which is Win?

Serta Vs Sealy vs Simmons vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Online mattress stores and auction sites have cheap memory foam mattresses, however, a brief review of the following brands may help you to decide which memory foam mattress to purchase. Buying the best memory foam bed for your particular needs should be based on several things.

Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress has a goal. Giving you the option of having a bed that not only helps you to sleep better but it eases away all the stress and strain of the day is that goal. Using Tempur cells on the surface of the memory foam mattress is the way Tempur-Pedic assures that the mattress is conforming to your body. This allows greater support and holds up for many years. Although the exact methods used to make a Tempur-Pedic mattress are top secret (this mattress material was designed by NASA) they are a revolutionary. Tempur-Pedic was the first company to introduce memory foam beds to the consumer market and they produce some of the best memory foam mattresses on the market today.

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Serta Memory Foam Mattress

Serta Memory Foam Mattress is also known as Serta Kool Comfort Memory Foam Mattress. The mattress has a unique open-cell structure that allows the memory foam to breathe up to 95% more than other foams. It is made with a temperature-sensitive Visco foam. This basically means that it is good at adjusting to the sleeping style of the user. The material used to make these mattresses is hypo-allergenic which is a plus for allergy sufferers. Serta memory foam mattresses are made in the United States and some have toppers than never needs to be turned. Serta was founded in 1931 and is currently the second largest mattress brand in the United States. It is a leading mattress supplier to many top-end hotels, including Hilton and Marriott Hotels. The range of luxurious Serta suite dreams mattresses is used in Hilton Hotels.

Sealy Memory Foam Mattress

Sealy Memory Foam Mattress is also known as Sealy TrueForm Mattress or Sealy Posturepedic TrueForm Mattress. The mattress is made of multiple layers of memory foam to respond to your body’s weight and temperature. The mattress is designed to conform to the contours of your body while you sleep and it aligns your neck and spine to fit your sleeping position, allowing your body’s weight to be evenly redistributed across the surface of the mattress. Sealy TrueFoam mattresses are also allergy free and it reduces the presence of allergens in the bed. Sealy started making top quality mattresses since 1881 and you can be assured of the quality of the memory foam mattresses manufactured by them.

Simmons Memory Foam Mattress

Simmons Memory Foam Mattress is also known as Simmons ComforPedic Mattress. The ComforPedic collection consists of five models – Original, Nassau, Natural, Mystere and Nuvo. All the memory foam mattresses are made with the NXG Advanced Memory Foam, which is said to be the Next-Generation Memory Foam. This foam is created in a special vacuum-sealed chamber to increase resilience and airflow. It responds quickly to your body’s contours and dissipates heat easily, providing consistent comfort for an uninterrupted sleep. Simmons is a well-known mattress manufacturer and has been in business for over 125 years. Simmons mattresses have received many excellent reviews and they are continuously developing new technologies to improve the quality of their mattresses. If you are on a budget, you can consider buying a discount mattress. Simmons discount mattresses offer you competitively priced memory foam mattresses, without compromising on the quality.

How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress

After reading this memory foam mattress review, you should have a better idea of what is the best memory foam mattress on the market. However, choosing the best memory foam mattress will depend on the individual. Everyone likes to think they have the best product. Price is a factor that will influence most peoples decision on which mattress to buy. Buying a cheap memory foam mattress from a reputable company will ensure you the quality is not compromised. Another thing people look at when shopping for a high-end item is the length of the warranty.

Most of the memory foam mattresses available today regardless of the brand you choose are going to have at least a ten-year warranty. This is a fair amount of time if you consider that conventional box spring and mattress are probably not going to be in very good shape after ten years. They are prone to sagging and having the coils in the box springs break.

However, this cannot happen when you buy a memory foam mattress as there are no springs or coils that can suddenly pop through in the middle of the night. So regardless of whether you are willing to spend a lot of money or are on a budget, the memory foam mattress is probably your best value when it comes to getting the good nights sleep that you need.