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A Complete Guide on How to Use A Splitting Maul Correctly


Let’s go back to a scenario of old times when you chop down a tree and use it to make heat. The only worry is that you are so used to a modern life that you can hardly touch a splitting maul in the right way.

Splitting is a technique that not everyone can master for the first time. You have to turn big logs into small chunks of firewood without a huge waste.

Therefore, it is high time you should find out how to use a splitting maul correctly to achieve the highest technique of chopping firewood!

What Is A Splitting Maul?

There are many similarities between a splitting axe and a splitting maul. People often use splitting maul to split logs inside a tree. It would be used as firewood.What Is A Splitting Maul

Meanwhile, they will use an axe to cut into the tree’s bark.

Normally, you will find splitting mauls heavier. Their handles are also longer than most conventional axes.

Wedge-shaped head is most commonly seen in splitting mauls, but nowadays, more and more shapes are experimented by different manufacturers.

You can get more instructions on how to choose a splitting maul with this video.

A lot of people hold a belief that sharpness is not an advantage for a splitting maul. So, they choose the cheapest product because they claim that the steel quality has nothing to do with the final results.

Well, it’s only a myth. You should look for a sharp maul (it is not necessary to have fine edges). But sharpness is still important. Otherwise, you will waste the whole day without collecting anything from your effort.

How to Use A Splitting Maul Correctly

Whether you use anything, splitting wedges or splitting maul, to finish your hardwood, it is essential to make some time for setting up.

Setting Up

  • Cut Wood

Spitting will be much easier if the log is shorter. Therefore, you had better prepare your wood to be effective long so that your work is much simpler. Without this step, you will have a lot of difficulties storing and handling the log. You need to get its ends flat and square.

  • Prepare A Chopping Block

There are many benefits, including health one, to make you prepare a good splitting block. It is essential to get some type of block. You never do it on concrete or the ground because it not only destroys your energy but also puts your life in danger.

The height of the block should be appropriate as well. Otherwise, you will face dangerous ricochets.

  • Choose A Safe Area

Splitting tree’s trunk is not something you can do in the small room. You need a wide surface that your logs can be placed after being split.

You also need the space to swing the maul, which will reduce the pressure significantly on your back.

Good footing is important. Also, you need to be certain that you do not see any overhanging limbs or debris around you during the whole process.

It is recommended that you split hardwood on cold days because of its better efficiency.

  • Protective Gear

This is one of the most critical things you have to bear in mind whenever it comes to using a splitting maul. Protective gear is what protects you from life-threating dangers that possibly happen.

Good-quality gloves, safety glasses or solid boots are some of the typical examples that you never miss when working with splitting hardwood.

Furthermore, you need to guarantee that nobody is close enough to you to suffer from unwanted accidents possibly.

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Using Splitting Maul


  • Put your log on your block.

The best point to place your blog is the center, and you should make sure it is as accurate as possible. Also, pay attention to whether the block is stable or not.

You never want the log to fall when you swing your heavy splitting maul. It might be extremely risky for your life.

Therefore, getting a safe block is the crucial key to your success with a splitting maul.

  • Examine the log carefully

What should you look for in the log of this step? Hairline cracks are something you should pay attention to. Once you detect some, you need to let the blade of your splitting maul go in their direction. It will help you finish the job more easily and efficiently.

It is important to note that different types of woods will split differently. Therefore, you need to examine them carefully first.

Besides, large knots are worth your attention. You need to avoid cutting in these areas. Otherwise, you might waste the whole day on dealing with them.

  • Aim

The location where you will split your log is decided. Then, you make sure that your feet are set to square along with your splitting maul next to you.

You can put some indentation into the log to make it clearer for you about where your splitting maul should go. It is very helpful in case the grains are not so clear.

  • Lift Your Maul

A splitting maul is not meant to swing actually. It is unnecessary to lift it behind your head either. In fact, it is not the right way to use a splitting maul.

Instead, you need to hold it very tightly, and you should use your non-writing hand that is placed at the handle’s end. Then, use your dominant hand to cradle the splitting maul.

Your knees are flexed slightly. The maul is lifted above your head, and your arms should be straightened extensively.

Your strong hand can slide down a little bit to make your hands closer. Both hands should grip the handle’s end. Next, your hands are brought down, and your wrists are flicked. The gravity will help you very much.

It is essential to remember that splitting is not all about physical strength. The technique is much more important. That’s why you need to know how to use a splitting maul correctly.

If you swing the maul without understanding how it operates, it is super dangerous for your health and life.

  • Pull the maul out of wood in case splitting is not successful for the first time

Pulling and twisting it harder will be followed if your maul becomes stuck in your log.

On the other hand, you can try using the maul in the same way like a wedge. Use a sledge to hit your maul’s blunt metal end.

  • Constantly repeat until your log splits


It is rare that your log will be split completely after the first time unless you are as strong as Captain America. You need to repeat the same technique to get your desired results.

You just need to strike as exactly in one place as possible in every try.


Many people believe that only strong men can do splitting hardwood. But if you know how to use a splitting maul correctly, you do not need to be super strong to finish the job.

As I mentioned, splitting is about technique, rather than strength solely. Stick to my recommendation, and you will finally have a pile of small logs for wonderful heat.


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