The 10 Best Off Road Driving Lights in 2015 Reviews

Most people do not like to drive on bumpy, muddy and rocky roads. However, some drivers love to drive on unpaved surfaces such as riverbeds, fields, muddy bogs, gravel, boulders, sand dunes, beaches and mountainsides. Off road driving is an extremely thrilling activity. However, you must be properly equipped and have deep knowledge base. If you have experience in off road driving, you are aware that a sports car, compact vehicle or sedan will not be able to handle tribulations and trials. Off road drivers mostly prefer to drive SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and trucks. Lots of equipment options are available for both SUVs and trucks that are able to provide you more fun and safety. If you have the best off road driving lights, you can safely play at night or in dark situations. Here is a list of top 10 Best Off Road Driving Lights Reviews for you

10. Turbo CA IMAX

This is a set of 10 small square floodlights. These are perfect for mounting on any off road vehicle. These lights have the ability to light up the night sky. These LED lights can provide you hours of fun filled nights.

9. Nilight 2x 18w LED Spot Work Light Off Road Light Fog Driving Bar

These sleek looking LED lights are highly functional. A red frame with a black housing provides extra cool appearance. These lights are extremely bright, which makes them a perfect choice for off road vehicles. You can attach the pair of two lights directly to a mounting bar.

8. 2x Red 51w Round USA Lighting Optics 7″ Led Light,

These lights are designed for performing on ultra extreme conditions. So, these are considered as the toughest off road driving lights. This pair of two lights has 51 watt high output. Heavy duty metal is used for making this light. So, it is both weather and water proof. You can mount these lights on your bumper or roof bar for getting more flexibility.

7. Arsenal Off Road

These 4X 18 W Cree LED work lights are made by using military grade aluminum, so these are built to be tough. The package of these extremely bright lights include dual bumper mounting brackets and four lights. A free red illuminated rocker switch is the advantage.

6. KC HiLiTES 634 Daylighter

This off road driving light system comes with illumination switch, 2 completely assembled switch, a fully wiring harness, which include 2 protective light covers and relay. The KC HiLiTES package can provide you added width and distance. The light is backed by 23 year warranty from KC.

5. Eyourlife 12 inch Led Light

This product comes with a large voltage range. You can install this light on your SUVs and trucks. High quality quart lends is used for constructing the glass. So, it is bright and durable. These lights are energy efficient, extremely easy to install and waterproof.

4. HELLA 005750952 500 Series Halogen Driving Lamp Kit

These lights are popular for their toughness, reliability and affordability. You can mount these lightweight lights on any SUV or truck. The additional accessories include protective grills, stone shield and new Color Shieldz protective laminates, which come in yellow, smoke, clear and blue. They can also provide additional protection from road debris like rocks.

3. HELLA 5750941-500FF Series

These driving lights come with a beam pattern, which is designed to provide the best possible visibility because they work with factory headlamps. You can enjoy off road driving with less eye fatigue. These lights can also provide you best possible visibility even in the most extreme weather conditions such as severe rainstorms, dust clouds, snow and fog.

2. KC HiLiTES 151 Apolo Pro

This 6-inch 100w off road driving light system comes with 2 high quality lights, which have in-built stone guards for extra protection. Fully assembled wiring harness consists of illumination switch and a relay.

1. WoneNice WN-LB300W

These off road driving lights are capable to light up any situations. Besides waterproof, WoneNice WN-LB300Wth has a high powered LED output. Tough glass lenses, high grade black aluminum housing, etc are the other features of this light. The total length of this light is around 52 inches.