7 Best Home Generators – Top Rated and Best Selling Guide

A home generator is a very important unit that can be used to create energy for home purposes. It is the most reliable source of standby energy for home appliances and other essential equipment. Moreover, it is very easy to use the unit to support your energy needs. There are numerous home generators in the market today, which gives you a chance to compare and choose the best device to suit your needs.

7 Best Home Generators

How to Choose the Right Home Generator

When shopping for your home generator, there are several things you should consider. For instance, the generator should be reliable. It should produce enough energy to meet all your needs. Another factor to consider is the engine type. You should buy a generator that is efficient and able to operate without producing too much noise. The ideal unit should have good fuel efficiency with smart features that allow for seamless operation. It should also be easily portable and safe to use.

A Look at the Reviews

There are numerous top quality home generators, which you can use for your home energy needs. Most of these generators are also bestsellers on various online platforms such as Amazon. Moreover, most of them have also received numerous positive reviews and are among the top rated products on these sites. Checking such reviews and ratings can help you to choose the best product that will meet your needs. The following are the top seven best home generators according to the 2016 reviews:

7. All Power America APG-3014 Gas Powered Generator

If you are planning to purchase a good quality generator, you may consider taking a look at this device as it has numerous benefits for its users. The generator can run for up to 9.5-hours without encountering any problems. The unit is supported by its powerful 3HP stroke engine. It can emit up to 68-decibel of sound, which ensures quiet operation when in use. Moreover, it is one of the easiest home generators to use.

WEN-56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator

6. WEN-56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator

This device is among the most popular generators available on the market today. It is an extremely portable device that will guarantee you smooth and efficient operation. The product normally comes with foldable handles and other useful kits. This generator comes with a 212cc engine, which provides up to 3500-surge watts as well as 3000 rated watts. The device is supported by the digital readout mechanism, so you can actually manage the maintenance schedule and oil change more easily. It is extremely easy to operate.

5. Champion-Power Equipment Portable Generator 42436

This portable home generator has several good features and most users are happy with the numerous benefits it offers. It is supported by its powerful Champion 80 cc OHV engine, which is quite efficient. The device can run for up to 10-hours at 50% load. This efficient system can enable you to get all the benefits from the generator with minimal input. The unit is made from premium and durable materials, which makes it long lasting.

Guardian-6551 Generac Home Standby Generator

4. Guardian-6551 Generac Home Standby Generator

If you value performance and high efficiency, this is the generator for you. The device has numerous useful benefits to its users. It uses the Generac OHM engine, which is extremely powerful. This generator is quite famous because of its True Power technology, which enables you to use it for a long time. It has a quiet operation mode, which means you can use it in your home without worrying about too much noise.

3. Westinghouse WH-7500E Portable Generator

In case you are planning to get a portable generator for your own home, you should consider this home generator. The unit is normally powered by natural gas to deliver optimum performance. It uses a 420 cc 4-stroke valve engine, which makes it quite efficient. It also has a full enclosure, which helps to protect all the internal components from debris and extreme weather.

2. DuroMax XP-4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator

When using this extremely portable generator, there is no doubt you will enjoy the experience. The unit provides up to 4400-watt surge as well as 3500-watt continuous energy to support your needs. Its 4-gallon gas tank supplies enough energy to provide an 8-hour running time. The device is very easy to use as you simply need to use its electric-key to get it started. The unit’s automatic shut-off function is extremely useful as it helps you to maintain the quality and stability of the generator.

1. DuroStar DS-4000S Portable Generator

This is the best home generator according to the 2016 reviews. It is extremely portable and has various benefits to its users. The generator uses its 4-gallon gas tank to provide an 8-hour running time. It has the EZ-pull recoil, which is used to deliver the best performance. The automatic low oil detection can help you to shut it down so as to avoid damage to the engine. It is a reliable unit that will provide enough power to run your home appliances.Conclusion: The most challenging part of purchasing a home generator is not necessarily deciding whether you need one or not, rather it is selecting the best unit that will meet your home energy needs. It should provide enough energy to run your home appliances and equipments, in the most efficient way, over a long period of time. To get a good quality home generator, you need to purchase one that is portable, safe and easy to use. The above home generator reviews can help you to select the best unit for your home.