Carbon Monoxide is a very dangerous gas that can have adverse effects and even cause death when inhaled. Unfortunately, this gas is colorless and odorless, hence can be hard to detect. A carbon monoxide detector can help you to easily detect the presence or build-up of this harmful gas in the environment, enabling you to take safety precautions early enough. When purchasing a carbon monoxide detector, it is important to select one that will clearly and accurately show you the levels of the gas in the atmosphere. One with a sounding alarm will enable you to notice the presence of the gas even when you are far from the device. It should be easy to install and long lasting. If you want such a detector, below are top ten best carbon monoxide detectors based on 2016 reviews:

Top 10 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors in 2016 Reviews

10. The Ei Electronics Carbon-Monoxide Alarm, with Memory Feature

Designed to protect you as well as your family from the dangerous carbon monoxide gas, this detector is easy to install as it normally comes with a fixing kit. It also comes complete with a functional battery with a 5-year lifespan. The unit has a memory feature and a hush button to help minimize the nuisance. It is an EN-50291-certified device which guarantees you optimum protection from carbon monoxide. It also comes with a two-year guarantee.Buy Here

9. The FiveSeasonStuff Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector with Digital LCD Display and Alarm

If you are looking for the best way to prevent accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in your home, kitchen, boat, caravan, or camping site, this is the detector to buy. The unit is convenient, easy to install and quite easy to use. Moreover, the blue-light LCD display is easy to read even under poorly lit conditions. The detector will emit up to 85 decibels of sound whenever carbon monoxide is detected and has a low-battery indicator to show you when its battery needs replacement.

8. Kidde KID-10-LLCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm, with Sealed Battery

This is a sleek and lightweight detector, which normally comes with a sealed-in non-replaceable lithium battery. It is a long lasting battery which can provide up to 10 years of service. The unit features a water-based Kidde Carbon Monoxide electrochemical sensor and has an alarm memory, hence a red LED normally flashes after every 60 seconds whenever the gas it detected.

7. Kidde KID-10-LLDCO Carbon Monoxide Digital Alarm, with Sealed Battery

This is another efficient carbon monoxide detector that features a sealed-in non-replaceable battery, which does not need any charging for the entire lifespan of the detector. The alarm is designed with the digital display to show you the carbon monoxide levels in the surrounding. Its peak level display will show you the highest carbon monoxide level ever recorded. It uses the unique water-based electrochemical sensor for the detection.

6. Mercury COD-100B Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector

This is an advanced electrochemical carbon monoxide detector, which is ideal for use in those buildings that are fitted with fireplaces and gas boilers. It is a life-saving device designed to alert the user whenever the deadly gas is detected in the surrounding. This battery-powered detector features a functional LCD-display screen, which shows the current carbon monoxide level as well as the ambient temperature reading.

5. The Kidde Night-Hawk 0230/5DCO NHDCO Battery Premium-Range Carbon Monoxide Alarm with the Digital Display

This is another battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm, which uses the Night-Hawk electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor to offer optimum protection from the dangerous gas. The product is easy to install and normally comes with the digital display, which shows the levels of carbon monoxide in parts per million. Moreover, the same is updated after every 15 seconds. In cases where the carbon monoxide levels are high, the red LED pulses, while an 85-decibel horn is sounded until the threat is eliminated.4. Fireangel CO9D Digital Sealed-for-Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is a reliable carbon monoxide detector, which is designed to minimize the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is an audible 85-decibel electronic alarm which constantly monitors the environment to provide early warning for the presence of this deadly gas. The unit comes with a large multi-functional digital screen and can double as a room thermometer. It also comes when sealed with a reliable lithium battery with a 7-year lifespan.

3. Honeywell H-450-EN Carbon Monoxide Detector

This is a great-quality carbon monoxide alarm which is quite easy to install as well as use. If offers market-leading performance and reliability, which gives you peace of mind as you go on with your normal activities. It is a compact and aesthetically designed product, which comes while sealed and tamper-proof, hence there is no part or battery to be changed for its 7-year operational life. Moreover, the unit is backed by a six-year guarantee.

2. Kidde 7-COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm 10-Year Sensor and Warranty

This is a high-performance carbon monoxide monitor, which monitors the presence of the deadly gas in the environment continuously. The unit has two LEDs: the green one confirms when the DC power is present, while the red one illuminates whenever carbon monoxide is detected. It has a 10-year sensor life, and is designed with an end-of-life warning to inform you when you need to replace it.

1. Kidde 7-DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display, 10-Year Sensor & Warranty

This is the best carbon monoxide detector based on 2016 reviews. It monitors for the presence or build-up of the deadly gas continuously, giving you an opportunity to take safety precautions. The design features two LEDs, a red one to show you when Carbon Monoxide has been detected and a green one to show when device is powered. It is quite easy to install and normally comes with a powerful sensor with a 10-year lifespan.

A carbon monoxide detector is a very important unit which can let you know when the dangerous carbon monoxide gas is present in the atmosphere and hence take appropriate safety precautions. However, with so many of these detectors on the market today, selecting the best one may not be easy. If you want to purchase the best, the above carbon monoxide reviews can help you.