Top 10 Best Cold Weather Gloves in 2015 Reviews

Whether you are out hiking, snowboarding, skiing or ice fishing, extreme cold-weather can be very dangerous especially if you do not have the right gear. Some of the most essential gear for such conditions are cold weather gloves. However, poor gloves often lead to poor heat-retention, which is a major problem especially if you are very active. Poorly designed gloves can also lead to poor finger articulation, which may restrict your hand movements, resulting in poor grip on the fingers and palm. This may limit the objects that you can interact with. To avert all these problems, you need good quality gloves that will keep your hands warm and enhance your grip.How to Choose the Best Cold Weather Gloves

Before purchasing cold weather gloves, there are several key factors you must consider. Warmth is very crucial, since your extremities are prone to cold. The gloves should be made of good quality materials that are comfortable, with perfect heat retention capabilities. A good glove should strap tightly to your wrist so as to prevent heat loss from the hands. Moreover, all the zips and laces should be water-proof in order to keep the moisture out. Another key factor to consider is flexibility and versatility. It should be flexible enough to allow for an effective grip.A Look at the Reviews

There are various high quality cold weather gloves on the market, which you can use to keep your hands warm in cold weather as well as enhance your grip. Most of these gloves are also among the bestselling and top rated items on various online platforms like Amazon. Moreover, most of them have actually received enormous positive reviews from customers, who have used them before. Going through such reviews can assist you to find the best gloves that will meet your needs. Below are the top 10 best cold weather gloves in 2016 reviews:10. Black-Diamond Mercury Mitts Gloves

These gloves are made of pretext shield fabric, which helps to shield your hands from extreme coldness. Although they do not have separate finger articulation, they are lightweight, warm and have roomy shell for enhanced finger movement. The gloves are flexible, abrasion-resistant and have an insulated high-loft fleece lining, which increases their warmth and comfort. The shell is made of 8% spandex, 92% nylon and 100% goat skin palm with a polyester lining. They are durable gloves that can be used all year round.9. Black Diamond Mid-Weight Cold Weather Gloves

If you want to keep your fingers warm and safe even under extreme cold weather conditions, these lightweight, flexible and durable gloves by Black Diamond will be the best for you. Their shell is made of 12% spandex, 24% nylon and 64% polyester. The palm-patch is made of 100 percent goat leather, which helps to provide a better grip to hold onto the steering wheel, ski poles or any other equipment. Moreover, the palm normally comes with Kevlar-stitching for enhanced durability. They are lightweight gloves, weighing only 240 grams.8. Mountain-Made Cold Weather Gloves

These multi-purpose gloves from Mountain Made are ideal for both women and men. They are great for shooting, driving, cycling, riding, as well as daily use especially during cold weather seasons. The gloves feature the touch-screen technology, which enables you to use touchscreen devices when wearing them. Their fabric is comprised of 6% PVC rubber, 6% spandex and 88% polyester. Moreover, they have a comfortable lining with multi-directional stretch, an aspect that makes them ideal for active use. The anti-bacterial formula treatment helps in eliminating odor.7. The Under-Armour UA Extreme-Cold Gear

This pair of gloves features the signature stylish material, which Under Armour is well known for. They are the best gloves to use in extreme cold weather conditions to keep your hands warm. The pair also features breathable, wind-resistant material, which helps in keeping you warm without necessarily compromising the comfort. In addition, the finished fabric is mainly treated with a durable water-repellent, which helps in keeping the interior lining dry. The UA logo and the reflective piping script adds another layer of safety for the evening runs. The gloves boast of extra maneuverability, which can be attributed to their thin design.6. The Heritage Cold Weather Gloves

These are outstanding gloves that boast of a full leather construction and simple understated aesthetic. The patented rein-cut design coupled with the double-stitched outward seams help in ensuring that the interior lining and your hands are well protected from the cold. The gloves normally use a 3M-Thinsulate insulation liner, which is warm and comfortable. With the classic leather-style & flexibility, these are the best gloves for outdoor yard work, driving or general winter use.5. The Seirus Innovations Men’s Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

If you are looking for simple and flexible gloves to use in cold weather, these are the gloves for you. They normally come in the large size for men and allow for four-way stretching, which enables them to comfortably fit your hands. Since they perfectly fit the hands, there is minimal air circulation in the interior, which leads to greater heat retention. The fleece-lining normally adds extra comfort and it is specially designed to be breathable and 100 percent waterproof. Moreover the fingers are less clunky and are spacious, allowing you to freely move around and even grip objects using the Tough-Tek palm.4. Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves

With many versatile features, this pair of durable gloves from Heritage are the best for use in extreme cold weather. Their liner is made of breathable, waterproof fabric with 4 barriers of protection. This helps in keeping wind, cold and moisture out. The gloves normally come with the zipper hand-warmer pocket as well as the palm-grip. Moreover, the outer glove shell normally contains stretch nylon, which is bonded with a water-proof membrane. In addition, the interior insulation is made of the lightweight 3M-Thinsulate, which is normally bonded to the thick fleece-liner.3. Mechanix Wear MCW2-08010 Zone Cold Weather Gloves

These gloves by the Mechanix Wear are suitable for different outdoor activities and provide excellent protection from coldness. The model features a concealed seam-stitching style, which can withstand temperatures of up to 0-32 degrees Fahrenheit. The comfortable interior fit together with the flexible fingers are meant to improve hand-dexterity without compromising on the weather protection and comfort. The exterior shell is well designed to resist moisture and wind, while the palms are made of a Clarino synthetic-leather to give you a superior grip. In general, these strong and tactile gloves portray a sense of ruggedness.2. Ironclad CCG2-04-L Cold Weather Gloves

These outstanding gloves can help to keep your hands warm without necessarily restricting your movements. The micro-fleece insulation helps to keep your fingers and hands warm in extremely low temperature conditions. They also feature the duraclad wear system, which normally gives the gloves extra resistance against impacts and abrasions. The design includes a neoprene wrist-cinch, which keeps moisture from getting into the interior.1. Outdoor Research Men’s-Gripper Cold Weather Gloves

These are the best cold weather gloves according to the 2016 reviews. They are versatile all-purpose gloves with a strong grip surface. They feature wind-stopper technical fleece, which has a tacky-finish on the side of the palm as well as the first two fingers. The curved design gives the model a superior-grip for several important tasks, while the tampered wrist fabric helps in sealing out the cold. Effective as the mid-layer or even outer layer in cold and windy conditions, the Wind-stopper combines breathability and wind proofing within a single garment. This helps in protecting you from those chills that are associated with wind and clammy skin. The gloves also come with a limited life-time manufacturer’s warranty.Conclusion: There are so many cold weather gloves on the market and finding the right one for your cold weather activity can be an uphill task. Regardless of the purpose for which you are purchasing the gloves, it is important to find a brand that keeps you warm, fits you well and functions properly for whatever activity you want to pursue. The best gloves should be versatile, warm, waterproof, and fit well into your fingers. The above cold weather glove reviews can help you to find the best gloves for your cold weather activities.