Top 10 best Portable Sunshade Umbrellas in 2015 Reviews

Sunshade umbrellas give you the comfort of enjoying your outdoor activity without the sun shining in your face and disrupting your moments. Add portability and the deal suddenly becomes much more sweeter. A portable sunshade umbrella means that you can carry it on all your outdoor expeditions and experience unmatched comfort.

Unfortunately, the sheer number of these umbrellas in the market will make searching for one an uphill task for you. We, however, bring you reviews of the top 10 best sunshade umbrellas to make this process simple for you.10. Procella Windproof Golf Umbrella

This is ultimately the best umbrella for outdoor golfing in all manner of weather. It boasts superior craftsmanship with its rustproof fiberglass framework. It is easy to open even with only one hand with its automatic easy to open button. It is also easily collapsible for easy transportation and comes in a wide range of colors from which one can pick their preferred color.

9. Platinum 6.5 ft Polyester 100 UPF Beach Umbrella

The Platinum Polyester 100 UPF Beach Umbrella is made of lightweight polyester making it easily portable. It is fade resistant with a silver coating on the underside that makes its shade cooler. It has a three-position tilt mechanism and is easily anchored into the sand with its Integrated sand anchor that has a wide surface area onto which sand is placed to offer more support.

8. Ultimate Solar Guard 6 ft Portable Umbrella UPF 150+ and Tripod Stand

This 6-foot canopy nylon taffeta umbrella boasts and unbeatable heavy duty frame that does not bend in windy conditions. It also has a great umbrella hook on which one can keep their personal items like cameras and towels. Its dual canopy allows free flow of warm air out of the umbrella making the area underneath cooler than the surroundings.

7. Outdoor Ustep Umbrella Blue

The Outdoor Ustep Umbrella has a unique pointed prongs anchorage mechanism where one anchors it to the ground by stepping on the integral stand. It is very wide, at 68 inches and has a great silver coating on the fabric that reflects sunlight keeping the shade cooler. It is ideal for dirt fields and grass and is also easily portable and durable.6. 6.5 ft Portable Heavy Duty Fiberglass Umbrella UPF 100+ and Tripod Stand

This lightweight polyester umbrella is fade resistant with a UPF 100+ for 99% protection from sun rays. It has a two part aluminum mist finish pole that is rust resistant hence guarantees durability. It also has a three-position tilt mechanism that facilitates blockage of sun rays from any angle. Using a sand anchor device, one can securely hold it firmly in the sand at the beach especially during windy conditions.5. 6.

5 ft Portable Umbrella UPF 100+ and Tripod Stand

The 6.5 ft Portable Umbrella UPF 100+ and Tripod Stand for Sports Umbrella is made of lightweight polyester and is very easy to carry. Besides being lightweight, the polyester material is fade-resistant and has UPF 100+ for maximum protection from intensive ultraviolet rays. Using a thumb screw, its tripod stand can be conveniently adjusted to various heights but is however not recommended for use at the beach.

4. Ultimate Wondershade

This colorful yet functional umbrella is easily portable and guarantees 98% blockage from harmful UV rays due to its 60″ diameter top. Its tripod can adjust from 3′ all the way to 8′ and can also tilt to conveniently block sun rays from any angle. With its conveniently placed gust flaps, wind can easily pass through with minimal resistance. It is also relatively easy to take down and carry.

3. Sport-Brella Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella

The Sport-Brella Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella is a great 4-way swiveling umbrella. Its universal clamp will connect to most surfaces. It can also fold down for compact and convenient transportation in its carrying bag. For easy adjustment, it swivels on two push button hinges. With its UPF 50+ lining, you are guaranteed to experience maximum protection from direct UV rays of the sun.

2. 5.5′ EasyGoShade Blue Portable Sun Shade Umbrella

This large 8 panel umbrella measures 5.5 foot in diameter hence creating a large shade and consequently offering maximum UV protection. It has a great multi-use tripod that is ideal for use on grass, cement, turf and pier. It can block UV rays from any angle as it can tilt as desired by the user. A unique feature on this umbrella is its 2 convenient cup holders and 3 prong utility hook to hold mobile phones and other personal items.

1. JoeShade, Portable Sun Shade Umbrella

Do not settle for less than the best portable sun shade umbrella from the most authentic tripod stand sports umbrella company. This umbrella comes with a classy red carrying bag. It is lightweight, at only 8 pounds hence easily portable and offers a wide shade with its 60″ shade. It is also quite easy to set up and can tilt to the desired angle to provide maximum UV rays blocking.

Based on what people have to say about these umbrellas, they are the best in the market. We have however not based these reviews on user experience alone; we also considered expert opinion about the products. They are durable and classy too. They will, therefore, serve you for a very long time.